Omega-3 Fish Oil for Prenatal & Children’s Health

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Omega-3 DHA & Child Development

Expectant mothers have been taking fish oil and parents have been giving fish oil to their children for decades - and for good reason. Omega-3, especially DHA, is crucial for the development of babies and children’s brain and eyes. 26-28,36-39 During pregnancy the mother must supply all the baby’s needs for DHA and EPA because the baby is unable to synthesize these essential fatty acids itself. DHA makes up 15-20% of the brain cerebral cortex and 30-60% of the retina in the eye, so DHA is absolutely necessary for normal development of the fetus, baby and small children.46

The need for DHA does not stop at the conclusion of breast-feeding or when DHA supplement formula is ended. Critical periods of brain, intellectual and fine motor skill development persist throughout childhood. The typical Western diet is devoid of DHA when children leave breast milk or formula and this DHA deficit should be avoided by dietary strategies to insure approximately 200 mg of DHA per day for growing children. Nutritional supplements designed for children provide a meaningful way of supplying DHA on a daily basis. Quality nutritional supplements providing similar doses of DHA as found in fish are actually a safer method of providing DHA as heavy metals and PCBs have been removed as compared to fish. 47

Nutritional research is beginning to paint a clearer picture of the role of omega-3 for for children. Parents who supplement their children with omega-3 rich fish oil report improvements in general health, cognitive and motor skills. Omega-3 DHA helps to support children overall growth and development. 26

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