Fish Burps…Need We Say More?

We don’t know a single person who loves, or even enjoys, the taste or the smell of fish burps! We don’t even like them and can’t imagine why anyone would! Here’s a few quotes from some fish oil consumers that feel the same way: 

“It tastes fishy, haha, so I try to eat something sweet to take out that fishiness breath!” – Lauren Blancaflor

“So after taking my fish oil, I leaned over to give my wife a kiss and that’s when we knew we both wanted sushi.” – Gino Franco

“I’ve never had an embarrassing moments but it definitely was disgusting and not pleasant when it happened.” – Brandon Hetzler

“So recently, I was going on a date and was running late. Noticed I had run out of my fish oil gummies so I had to resort back to my dreaded liquid form. I didn’t even waste time to measure it out in a spoon. I just took a swig and bolted out the door. I finally arrived for my date and went in for a kiss and the awful smell - horrible smell - came rushing up right as our lips touched!” – Terrence Buchanan

“I started burping way more than I wanted to during my lifts at the gym. One of my belches was so bad that the people that were around my workout station started saying how it smelt like someone farted…after that, I changed my oils up and I take them before bed just in case, haha!” – Nico Silva

We say just say no to fish burps!  Coromega Omega-3 fish oil si smooth, delicious and easy to take.  Superior absorotion and purity with the fish burps!  

-Team Coromega

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