Hemp Seed Oil - It's Not What You Think!

If your first thought that comes to mind when hearing the word hemp is of the psychedelic drug, marijuana, you’re not alone! Many people often only think of hemp as a reference to this medicinal and recreational drug. However, you can rest assured our hemp seed oil is not to be confused with the commonly used drug. In fact, our superfood oil blend, which includes hemp seed oil, is extremely healthy for you! So much so, that we recommend taking two teaspoons a day!

Hemp seeds are even suggested to take in daily, which may come as a complete surprise if you were thinking of hemp only as a drug. Hemp seeds have been well recognized for their outstanding source of proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and omega-3, omega 6 fatty acids, fiber and iron! It’s no wonder why hemp seeds have been known to be one of the most nutritious foods on Earth!

How exactly do you consume hemp seeds or hemp seed oil in your daily life? Most people tend to lean towards adding these little seeds into their morning oatmeal, adding them to their healthy smoothie or even on top of their salads! There’s even people who add hemp seed oil on top of their salad as a dressing, sprinkled with some yummy pepita seeds and blueberries – we bet that’s tasty!

There’s so many different ways to consume hemp seeds and their oils in order to get their benefits. We’re just happy to say we’ve made it much, much easier for you to reap those benefits – and more! – by consuming our new superfood oil blend, be bright! Best part is that it’s vegan too…SCORE!


-Team Coromega

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