Make-Over Your Skincare Routine With Omega-3s!

What’s the secret to beautiful skin? It could just be omega-3s! We might be bias, but science is on our side here with research showing that the essential fatty acids can help nourish and heal dry skin among other benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to skin health, says Prevention magazine, as they form an integral part of the membranes that surround skin cells, making up a key lubricating layer that keeps skin soft and supple. Dry, rough, scaly skin has met its match with these essential fats, which can ultimately help improve overall skin texture by supporting the production of healthy skin cells and the skin’s natural elasticity, restoring its healthy glow. Healthy inflammation levels can also be supported with omega-3s since the fatty acids work to combat damage caused by free radicals and sun exposure.

Your skincare routine might just need a makeover with this news, but it’s an easy fix to start working towards better skin. Try adding fish rich in omega-3s to your diet, including salmon, tuna and anchovies, or pop a delicious Coromega Omega3 Squeeze once a day! 

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- Team Coromega



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