Fishing For The Facts: Omega-3 Myths Busted From Dr. Bibus

Omega-3s have been shown in many studies to help support heart, brain, eye and joint health, but there are some common misconceptions out there about omega-3s. We tapped our resident expert and nationally-renowned omega-3 expert, Dr. Doug Bibus to help clear up some of the omega-3 myths we often hear.

Myth: Omega-3’s will keep your blood thin.

Fact: Long chain omega-3 fatty acids naturally compete with another omega-6 fatty acid called arachidonic acid, that is used by cells (when converted to certain compounds) to clot blood. Increasing the level of omega-3 in the diet is a good way to balance omega-6 fatty acid effects. I recommend consulting with your health care provider if you take blood thinner medication and want to start taking an omega-3 supplement.

Myth: Multiple servings of omega-3 must be taken in order to provide all of the daily omega-3’s that one needs. 

Fact: There is no daily recommended intake for long chain omega-3 in our diet by the FDA. In the U.S., expert panels recommend 650mg of EPA, DPA and DHA (all omega-3) per day.  One pack of Coromega has 650mg of omega-3.

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- Team Coromega

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