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Are Your Muscles Suffering From Under-Recovery?



If you’re devoting rest days and post workout periods as excuses to sprawl out on the couch, snack on that family size bag of sour cream and onion chips you have been hiding from yourself, and stay up past a decent bedtime, you’re not doing your muscles any favors. Rest days and post-workout periods in the day are crucial phases to provide your body with sufficient time to repair and regenerate through increased circulation, sleep, and proper nutrition.


A monumental mistake athletes commit during rest is insufficient recovery. Muscle recovery encompasses multiple aspects of movement including stretching and strengthening. Stay moving to promote increased circulation and sanction new blood and nutrients to filter through your body and repair muscles. In addition to nutrients, lactic acid break-up results from extensive movement on recovery days, leaving you more internally refreshed for your next hard workout session. 

Whether you’re binging on Netflix or scrolling through the latest Instagram feed, take time to various squats and lounges before heading to bed, or steal a few calf raises in line at the grocery store. If you are sitting or driving for long periods throughout the day, try a few shoulder and neck rolls. Bring your ankle above your opposite quad for a sitting stretch. These necessary stretches reduce pain and tightness while preventing hyperextension or strains in future training.


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.09.53 AM.png

A significant amount of athletic injury originates from tightness deep within a muscle that stretching may not reach. So yes, outside tools are essential for recovery. Recovery tools such as an athletic foam roller, a lacrosse ball or other dense sporting balls will do the trick.

As a quality stretch, foam rolling can reach tension areas in muscles that regular stretching cannot, therefore delivering a greater benefit. Use the foam roller as a hard surface in which to dive deeper into your sore muscles. Start high on your back and slowly maneuver down your spine to your glutes, hamstrings and calves respectively. Facing down, start with your quads and roll down to your shins. Mirroring a self-massage, use the foam roller or lacrosse ball to reduce tightness in your hip joint area, massaging the top of your IT band and other essential muscles below the hip bone while positioned on your side.


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.31.27 AM.png

Directly proceeding your workout, fuel up with nutrient packed proteins such as organic meat or eggs that harbor quality amino-acids, and carbohydrates such as brown rice or sweet potatoes. During your workout, your body releases Cortisol which increases metabolism. The body craves a high caloric intake to balance the increased burn of calories during exercise. If the body does not receive nutrients from diet, it will start to burn existing muscle and fat that can create sizeable health risks. Take advantage of this process by providing your body with essential nutrition immediately after workout.


Not only is the right nutrition important for post-workout meals, but for an athlete’s daily routine. Currently, two fundamental supplements lead the market as the most important athletic recovery supplements: Magnesium and Omega-3.

Magnesium is vital to muscle recovery through muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production and metabolism. Studies have also shown magnesium is crucial to bone and cell formation, promoting bone and muscle repair after a strenuous workout or injury.


Omega-3 is imperative to reduce inflammation. Consequently, these fatty acids are found in fish, and therefore do not offer an ideal taste. Most fish oil supplements are supplied in a tablet which create barriers for the body’s absorption. Coromega’s MAX Super High Omega-3 supplement is a tasty, emulsified squeeze packet of fish oil delivering three times the amount of a fish oil soft gel providing increased anti-inflammatory effects key to recovery. And, they taste amazing!


Though underestimated, sleep is central to healthy functioning in our physical and mental states. Experts advise a minimum of 8 hours, and up to 10 hours a day for serious athletes. During deep sleep, the body replenishes nutrients such as the Growth Hormone (HGH), a large part of full body restoration. Heightened activity and energy levels operating with a sleep deprived state could lead to stiff muscles and in turn, injury. To prevent the possibility of injury, set aside a total amount of sleep hours to hit per week to acknowledge your body need for a large time duration to repair cells, and develop potential energy for future training.

The leading message to all professional and recreational athletes is not to skimp on recovery! It is arguably more important than physical training. Maintaining proper recovery methods ensure your mental and physical training deliver the greatest athletic results while guaranteeing your well-being.

Fitness Guidance written by Coromega's Fitness Specialist

Maximize Your Omega-3 With Coromega Max!

Coromega_BoxPro_adfornewsletter copy.jpg

Introducing our NEW Coromega Max!

Coromega Max has a powerful 2,400mg of Omega-3 fatty acids including DHA+EPA which means the maximum health benefits for the heart, body and mind. We are offering two delicious flavors, CITRUS BURST & COCONUT BLISS. Our scientific expert, Doug Bibus, PhD, explains why it is so important to include more omega-3 in your diet below. 

Get the omega-3 history

Dietary intake of omega-3 in the United States is marginal at best.  Over 90% of the US population is reported to be ‘deficient’ in omega-3. Omega-3 deficiency is now recognized as a leading cause of death in the US which means the need for increased omega-3 intake has never been more critical.

One of the most frequent questions our scientific advisor gets asked is, “How much omega-3 do I need to take”?  This is an incredibly pertinent question for which no single answer exists.  The complexity of ‘how much’ can be effected by many factors such as existing omega-6 intake (a known competitor of omega-3), body size, physical activity level and whether or not you are consuming omega-3 for normal health or trying to support a health condition.  

What is the recommended Omega-3 intake?

While there are no federal recommendations for long chain omega 3 intake, a general recommendation by nutritional scientists exists that states that people should consume around 600mg of EPA and DHA per day.  The American Heart Association recommends 1000mg per day for people at risk for cardiovascular disease and 2000-4000mg per day to reduce triglycerides.

Testing for omega-3 in blood, has also opened a window into the body to help define “how much” omega-3 we should be consuming.  One of America’s most influential biochemists, Dr. Bill Lands, has devoted years to defining ‘how much’.  Dr. Lands has studied blood levels of omega-3 for people all over the world and reported that as blood levels of omega 3 increase, death rates for heart disease go down! 

People of Japan, have about a two fold increase in their blood levels of omega-3 and about a 50% reduction in death from heart related diseases when compared to Americans.  Based on Dr Lands’ research and metabolic equations, if we wish to achieve the same blood levels as the Japanese we need to consume 2000-3000mg of EPA and DHA per day.  

Preventative Disease Benefits

Our blood levels of omega-3 reflect how much omega-3 we consume, ie, the more the higher.  Higher omega-3 levels in the blood correlate with reduced risk of having and dying from a heart attack, having depression, suffering from dementia and Alzheimers’ disease and developing diabetes.

So to get healthy omega-3 levels, the task for many is to dramatically increase their omega-3 intake either from food or supplements.  The end result is balancing your omega 6 and omega 3 in your membranes for better heath!  If you want to tackle the food approach, a normal serving of salmon will give you about 1500mg of EPA and DHA and a can of sardines, 1200mg.  If you are striving for 2000-3000mg of EPA and DHA per day you are pretty much consuming a marine based diet every day.  If daily fish does not fit into your lifestyle, dietary supplements are a great option.

What are your omega-3 options?

Most fish oils contain about 30% of their oil weight as EPA and DHA.  Technology exists today to increase omega-3 levels in oils.  Coromega’s flagship product, the Coromega Squeeze, contains the base fish oil providing you with 650mg of EPA and DHA per squeeze. 

Many of our customers have been asking for higher dosages to meet 1000-3000mg daily dosages that they are after for performance or health.  Our exciting new product, Coromega Max, has done just that!  Coromega Max provides 1200mg of EPA and DHA per pouch, one of the highest per serving omega-3 levels on the market today and about 3 times the level of most fish oil capsules!!! 

Why MAX?

If you are after higher omega-3 levels for physical performance, healthier blood lipids or improved mood, just two great tasting Coromega Max packets per day provides 2400mg of EPA and DHA! 

If you are a fish oil capsule consumer and after higher omega-3 intake, you will want to give Coromega Max a shot.  Just two great tasting Max shots deliver 2400mg of EPA and DHA.  That’s 8 of your normal fish oil capsules!

Your Fish Oil Should Not Stink!

Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA are fragile molecules that can oxidize or break down quickly if mistreated. Chemically, oxidation is a process where an oxygen molecule bonds to a double bond in a fatty acid. This changes the molecule into a oxidized fatty acid that can in turn oxidize other fatty acids or effect proteins. 


Chemistry in living organisms is highly regulated. Free radicals derived from oxidized fatty acids participate in unregulated chemistry that damages other molecules in our body.  We often identify people in our lives who are loud and unruly as "free radicals" for this reason! So how can you tell if a fish oil is oxidized?  In general, if the fish oil smells bad it is bad. 


In the press lately, there have been a few reports citing oxidation in some over the counter fish oil products.  Here at Coromega, we want you to rest assure that our fish oil products are very stable and not oxidized.  We have one of the longest shelf life stability in the business due to our high evolved proprietary processing format.  

Our highly purified fish oil is free from oxidation.  As oxygen is the natural enemy of EPA and DHA, the process of making our squeeze shots relies on a nitrogen rich environment, devoid of oxygen. There are virtually no opportunities for oxygen to enter our production process until you open our product.  Even the squeeze packet is a highly engineered multi layered packaging designed to keep Coromega safe and pure. So rest assured that you are getting absolutely the best quality you can with our tasty Coromega Squeeze and Coromega product lines.  We got you covered!

Shop now for fresh and delicious tasting fish oil! 


Coromega Beats Softgels In Omega-3 Absorption Again!


Coromega Wins Big in Bioavailability Study

Doug Bibus, PhD


A recently published study in the journal Lipids by Dr Susan Raatz of the USDA, reported significant increases in bioavailability for the omega 3 fatty acids found in Coromega when compared to capsules and another leading brand of emulsified fish oil. 

In a randomized controlled clinical trial, Dr Raatz and her team investigated feeding a single matched dosage of Coromega Squeeze, Coromega Nectar, a leading fish oil capsule and another emulsified product.  The dose of each product provided totaled 660mg of EPA.  There were 10 men and 7 women in this study.

Omega 3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA rise in the blood following digestion and absorption of fish oil or omega 3 rich foods.  The higher the EPA or omega 3 levels go in the blood, the more omega 3 from the fish oil that is absorbed. 

The blood is the ‘super highway’ for delivering nutrients around the body.  From this study we can see that just a single dose has a profound effect on the blood’s composition of EPA omega-3.  Once in the blood, EPA is then available to be dispersed to various tissues in the body.


When all of the absorption data was tallied for each treatment during the 48 hour period, Coromega Squeeze performed significantly better for absorption.  Coromega Squeeze and Nectar had significantly greater absorption of EPA compared to fish oil capsules and another emulsion based on area under the curve. 

What is bioavailability?

The term bioavailability refers to our body’s ability to absorb a particular nutrient or medicine into our body.  While many of us may think that we absorb all of what we eat or all of what medicines we take, this could be further from what happens.  While we tend to absorb fat, carbohydrate and protein fairly well, some medicines we consume are only absorbed at around 20%.  The study by Dr. Raatz demonstrated that emulsions like Coromega Squeeze contribute to greater absorption of omega 3 from dietary supplements. 

Why are emulsions like Coromega favored for absorption? 

The normal fat digestion process of our body starts with emulsification in the stomach and intestine.  Emulsification is a process that mixes water and fat.  Dietary fat is mixed with bile acids in our intestine to mix or blend fat into a mix of water and lipid (fat) in an emulsified state.  The emulsified fat then travels further down into our intestines where it is absorbed through the intestinal wall.  This is how our body normally absorbs fat. 

In an emulsified state, fat has a much greater surface area than fat that is not emulsified.  Greater surface area, helps dietary fat interact with various enzymes and chemicals that are part of the process of absorption.  So not surprisingly, pre-emulsified products like Coromega are readily absorbed compared to regular capsules, helping promote absorption and omega-3 status in individuals.



Raatz SKJohnson LK, Bukowski MR. Enhanced Bioavailability of EPA From Emulsified Fish Oil Preparations Versus Capsular Triacylglycerol. Lipids. 2015 Dec 21. [Epub ahead of print]

What Did You Say?

Dr Doug Bibus, PhD

Coromega Advisor

A recent study has reported that individuals with higher fish and omega-3 intake versus low intake have a reduced risk of developing hearing loss! 

Hearing loss not a big deal?    Approximately 30% of people over the age of 65 have a hearing loss disorder.  Hearing impairment begins to increase around age 50 as the tiny structures that regulate hearing begin to age.  Loss of hearing can significantly impact quality of life.

This study examined 65,215 women (1,038,093 person years) from 1991 to 2009. The women reported their dietary habits twice a year.  Women consuming 2-4 servings or more of fish per week (about 1 pack of Coromega per day) had a 20 percent reduction in risk for developing hearing loss.  This study reported 11,606 cases of hearing loss in the study population during the study period.  Women consuming more EPA and DHA had greater protection from hearing loss.

How might omega-3 from fish protect us from hearing loss?  Hearing relies on a number of finely tuned membranes and nerves that take sound waves from your ear and turn them into an electronic signal that your brain recognizes and interprets.  DHA supports healthy membranes and their function.  Remember that our brain and eyes run on DHA!  Blood flow through a part of the ear called the cochlea is also very important for proper hearing.  EPA and DHA support healthy blood flow and the authors of the present study concluding that proper blood flow may be the critical factor to improved hearing seen in this population.

So if you want to protect yourself from hearing loss reach for some fatty fish like salmon or herring 2-4 times per week.  If fish is not in your reach or herring doesn’t tickle your palate, take a pack a day of Coromega that contains 650mg of EPA and DHA per serving in a high digestible super tasty orange yogurt like emulsion.


Fish and fatty acid consumption and the risk of hearing loss in women.
Curhan, SG, Eavey, RD, Wang, M, Rimm, EB and Curhan, GC.
Am J Clin Nutr. 2014 Nov;100(5):1371-7 
The cochlea converts vibrations of the stapes into neural activity in auditory-nerve fibers.
"Cochlea" means snail in latin
From Dr. David Furness, Keele University


Why Omega-3s Are Great For Your Kids

We have all heard of the amazing health benefits of omega-3s, but have you heard how beneficial they are for your kiddos? When we think of omega-3 fatty acids, we usually think of fatty fish like sardines, anchovies and salmon, which are full of these health-boosting omega-3 fats. Kids aren’t typically attracted to foods that are full of these healthy fats, so luckily they have fun to take and delicious options with our pure, emulsified fish oil blends Coromega Kids Omega-3 Squeeze and Kids DHA Omega 3 Gummy Fruits


The top three benefits omega-3s have on children are: 

1. The development of a healthy Body and Brain; both which need lots of omega -3s during development.*

2. A healthy immune system with Omega -3s to balance inflammation*

3. A healthy psychological status*

Our scientific advisor, Dr. Doug Bibus explains why kids benefit from consuming omega-3s.

“Childhood is a period of brain growth and maturation. The long chain omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is a major lipid in the brain recognized as essential for normal brain function,” said Dr. Bibus.  

He explains that animals with low brain DHA results in impaired learning and behavior. In infants, DHA is important for optimal visual and cognitive development. The usual intake of DHA among toddlers and children is low and some studies show improvements in cognition and behavior as the result of supplementation with polyunsaturated fatty acids including DHA.

According to Dr. Bibus, studies of brain activity have reported benefits of DHA supplementation and over half of the studies reported a favorable role for DHA or long chain omega-3 fatty acids in at least one area of cognition or behavior. Studies also suggested an important role for DHA in school performance.

Dr. Bibus also noted from his studies that omega-3s can also help manage kids on the autism spectrum, as well as reducing symptoms of ADHD, nutrient deficits, and can even improve the health of the child when the mother consumes enough omega-3s during pregnancy.

Our fish oil blend is high in DHA, with no artificial ingredients to interfere with your child’s health. The oil used in Coromega comes from small, deep, cold-water fish (sardines and anchovies) that are less likely to be contaminated. The oil then undergoes molecular distillation, which removes toxins, heavy metals and PCBs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What Is A Healthy Omega-3 Level And Why It Matters!

Are you getting enough healthy omega-3s from your diet?  From your supplement?

By now, it’s well recognized that a diet rich in Omega-3s has a range of health benefits ranging from heart health, healthy hair and skin to crucial brain development in children and aging adults.*  You might be taking an Omega-3 supplement every day, but how do you know if it’s working or if you’re really getting enough?  We went to Dr. Doug Bibus, a scientific advisor for Coromega and a clinical nutritionist, who helped explain how an individual’s Omega-3 level is determined and why you should know your number. 

“Research shows that the majority of Americans are deficient in Omega-3s.  According to Dr. Bibus, the optimum Omega-3 range is 8% or above, but the U.S. average is almost less than half of that at 4.2%!  A study published in 2002 in The New England Journal of Medicine* suggests that Omega-3 blood levels at 6.87% are associated with a 90% relative risk reduction of sudden death from cardiac causes.

Getting tested for your omega-3 level is easy. A simple at home blood test will do the trick.  Just like you would test for your cholesterol or vitamin D, testing you omega-3 blood level will give you the best sense of where you are and what you need to do to get to a healthy level.  It will also tell you if you are getting enough omega-3s through your diet and if you are taking a supplement, is it working?

Coromega’s Omega-3 fish oil is emulsified for superior absorption.  In fact, it’s clinically proven to have 3Xs better absorption than fish oil soft gels*.   Why does that matter?  Well, it means your body will absorb more of the healthy benefits and will help to boost your omega-3 blood level. 

So do you fall in the in category of deficient or are you at a healthy level?  If interested in testing your omega-3 blood level, please contact Coromega at

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Coromega Debuted The World's First Superfood Oil Blend At Natural Products Expo

Coromega debuted the world's first Superfood Oil Blend at Natural Products Expo and the reaction from the show went beyond our expectations. With thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of new product launches and after a weekend of tasting, talking, shopping and toting home dozens of samples, the We.Blog team came up with their favorite product from the largest Expo West yet. Coromega's Be Bright was 1 of 28 products honored! See the link here:

You can order Be Bright at

Be Bright™ Superfood Oil Blend Pairs With Bulletproof® Coffee

You’ve probably heard of Bulletproof Coffee® by now. Currently trending among health-conscientious bloggers, magazines, and social media sites, this brew promises to “keep you satisfied with level energy for 6 hours”- eliminating the crash most people experience a few hours after drinking regular coffee. "Bulletproof Coffee is a great way to get healthy fats first thing in the morning," says Kerry Bajaj, a Be Well Health Coach at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. Starting the day with healthy fats provides energy, is good for cognitive function, and supports your hormonal system." 

But what exactly is this “Butter Coffee”?  It is actually a blend of brewed coffee with butter and MCT oil, which stands for medium chain triglycerides and is comprised of the fat from coconut/palm kernel oil. The actual brand, Bulletproof® coffee, was created in 2010 by Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who, legend has it, was "literally rejuvenated" after being given yak butter tea by locals after hiking in Tibet in -10 degree weather at 18,000 feet.  Asprey claims: ”It can promote brain function, memory, and energy levels. It can serve as a massive source of antioxidants and is associated with all sorts of positive health outcomes … you never feel hungry, get low energy …”

Which MCT oil to use?  People are using oils such as coconut oil and chia seed oil to get the healthy fats.  Coromega® has come up with a Superfood version of the original Bulletproof® recipe that allows you to reap the benefits of this brew while getting a daily dose of some of the best Superfood Oils.   We blended our new Be Bright™ Superfood Oil Blend (a Non-GMO blend of coconut oil, chia seed oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, black cumin seed oil) with an amazing cup of coffee and Kerrygold® unsalted butter for a ramped up version of Bulletproof® coffee.

Try this super-blend out for yourself using this 4-step recipe:

  • Brew 1 cup (8 oz.) of coffee (in order to obtain all the benefits of toxin-free coffee, use Upgraded™ Coffee)
  • 2 tbls. Kerrygold unsalted butter
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Be Bright Superfood Oil Blend
  • Mix it all in a blender (We recommend a Vitamix or NutriBullet) for 20-30 seconds until it is frothy like a foamy latte. 
  • Enjoy!

Stay Bright!

The Coromega Team

Fish Burps…Need We Say More?

We don’t know a single person who loves, or even enjoys, the taste or the smell of fish burps! We don’t even like them and can’t imagine why anyone would! Here’s a few quotes from some fish oil consumers that feel the same way: 

“It tastes fishy, haha, so I try to eat something sweet to take out that fishiness breath!” – Lauren Blancaflor

“So after taking my fish oil, I leaned over to give my wife a kiss and that’s when we knew we both wanted sushi.” – Gino Franco

“I’ve never had an embarrassing moments but it definitely was disgusting and not pleasant when it happened.” – Brandon Hetzler

“So recently, I was going on a date and was running late. Noticed I had run out of my fish oil gummies so I had to resort back to my dreaded liquid form. I didn’t even waste time to measure it out in a spoon. I just took a swig and bolted out the door. I finally arrived for my date and went in for a kiss and the awful smell - horrible smell - came rushing up right as our lips touched!” – Terrence Buchanan

“I started burping way more than I wanted to during my lifts at the gym. One of my belches was so bad that the people that were around my workout station started saying how it smelt like someone farted…after that, I changed my oils up and I take them before bed just in case, haha!” – Nico Silva

We say just say no to fish burps!  Coromega Omega-3 fish oil si smooth, delicious and easy to take.  Superior absorotion and purity with the fish burps!  

-Team Coromega

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