Be Bright Superfood: Hemp Seed Oil

Now widely recognized as a great superfood, hemp seed oil has been disbursed amongst many health food stores nationally. The reason for this stems from the amazing health and cosmetic benefits that tag along with this tiny seed. Add a teaspoon of these multi-color seeds to your morning oatmeal, green smoothie, yogurt, quinoa and kale salad or even mixed-in with your newest homemade pasta sauce for a minor nutty taste, sure to please any palate. Although a common way to consume hemp seeds is through eating them raw and shelled, Be Bright has harnessed all of the “magical powers” – if you will – that these seeds posses and have placed them in our new superfood oil blend just for you! Hemp seed oil is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa seed and are excited to share with you their many benefits you will receive when consuming this great oil on a daily basis!

Here’s the scoop on hemp seed oil:

• Looking for a healthy dose of omega-3 and omega-6? Hemp seed oil has them!1

• Source of alpha linolenic acid

• Contains the natural antioxidant, Vitamin E

• Hemp seed oil provides an increase of energy and vitality

Providing numerous amounts of health benefits packed inside these tiny seeds, its no wonder why hempseed oil has been around for thousands of years and was used for various purposes. If you’ve never heard of hemp seed oil, you should be reassured this oil has no psychedelic properties typically associated with the cannabis plant. We hope you enjoy the many benefits of hempseed oil while entertaining your taste buds with our new Be Bright superfood oil blend!

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*1 Rodriguez-Leyva, Delfin. Pierce, Grant N. The Cardiac and Haemostatic Efforts of Dietary Hempseed. April 21, 2010. Abstract.