Be Bright Superfood: Black Cumin Oil

When the spice cumin comes to mind, the most common thought is the beautiful yellow green powder that is used to season chicken and various other foods to provide a spicy kick needed to achieve maximum taste bud satisfaction. The cosmetic popularity of this seed is widely used and loved because of the high concentration of nutrients and vitamins. However, when we think of cumin, we think of the black seeds – seeds that had even been found in Egyptian king’s tombs! Black cumin oil is extracted from the Nigella Sativa seed and are sure you (and your body) will love the health benefits!

Take a look at how you too can enjoy the benefits from consuming black cumin oil:

• A great source of linolenic acid

• Contains unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids

• A natural detoxifier

• A source of the powerful antioxidant, thymoquinone

This small black seed has been around for thousands of years and if it was used by Egyptian kings, we believe its benefits are not only meant for the royals, but for all health-minded people alike. Coromega can easily help you introduce this seed to your daily routine with its great mix of superfood oil blends by squeezing out the oil from the seed and including it in our new product, Be Bright. Perhaps it’s time you start treating your body like royalty and include black cumin oil in your daily lifestyle as well!

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