Be Bright Superfood: Avocado Oil

We all love the creamy texture and vibrant color of avocados and if we could, we would put them on everything we eat! Our love for avocados, and some good guacamole, expands much further than just their taste. In fact, we love the benefits that come directly from consuming avocado oil. Aside from using this heavenly oil for its beauty benefits like skin and hair care, avocado oil can be used to cook with as well. However, we’ve found that combining this oil in our Be Bright superfood oil blend will benefit you in more ways than one.

Check-out how you can gain the great health rewards when consuming avocado oil:

• A great source for monounsaturated fatty acids

• Cold pressed from the fruit of the avocado

• A great source of natural antioxidants

• Is a great source of Vitamin E1

How is your current intake of avocado? Perhaps you eat this vibrant, green fruit by itself or sprinkled with some sea salt and pepper. Perhaps you even spread the creamy contents on top of your toast or cut it into cubes with your salad and use its oil to cook with. Among the many different ways to reap the benefits of avocado, consuming it’s oil is the least time consuming. Whichever way you consume avocado, Be Bright has made it a bit easier with a one-stop, no mess and easy clean-up approach while providing you with the many great benefits avocado oil has to offer!

*1 Packer, Lester. 1993. “Vitamin E in Health and Disease: Biochemistry and Clinical Applications”. New York, New York: Marcel Dekker Inc. Table 7. 24.