Why Coromega is Better


So what sets us apart? What makes us the best? Coromega backs all of it's products with our TripleCor Advantage.

What is the TripleCor Advantage?

The TripleCor Advantage is the composite of the Coromega Quality System. It offers you the assurance you need and desire to compare honestly amongst other omega-3 offerings and make an informed and confident choice to purchase Coromega products.

The TripleCor Advantage is comprised of three pillars of excellence; Purity, Freshness and Absorption.


5Xs more pure than the industry standard.** Since the creation of the Coromega brand of products, Coromega has selected for use in its products, only the finest ultra-refined fish oil.

Our fish oil originates deep within the wild fishing stocks in the clear waters of South America. Once extracted, the crude fish oil is delivered the experienced hands of our Norwegian refinery where it is given its superior sensory characteristics to be clear, taste-free and odor-free. It is further purified through the process of molecular distillation, removing unwanted levels of carcinogenic and environmental contaminants. These offending toxins are; PCBs, Dioxins, Dioxin-like PCBs, Furans and the heavy metals of Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Arsenic. The fully ultra-refined fish oil is then delivered to our US based manufacturing facility for use in the exceptional Coromega brand product line.

Whereas others may claim high purity levels that meet the industry standard for purity, Coromega brand products exceed the industry standards by at least 5 times


Our CoroLoc system ensures our Omega-3 remains as fresh as the day it was made. Easy to digest and no fish burps!

Whenever there is a conversation regarding fish oil, freshness is sure to come up. Oxidation and spoilage are the enemies of freshness and to combat this Coromega created the CoroLoc System. Coromega brand products offer the most complete strategy to ensure freshness and prevent oxidation from all of its sources. CoroLoc provides three levels of protection from oxidation:

  • A natural aggressive anti-oxidant infused formula
  • The Nitrogen NO-OX Shield Technology
  • Hermetic Seal multi-layer pouch barrier


Our unique emulsified formula is absorbed faster and more effectively than fish oil pills, which helps raise Omega-3s to healthy levels for a healthier heart, mind and body.*

Our original Squeeze packets are clinically proven to have 3Xs better absorption vs. fish oil softgels***. What does that mean for you? It means that you are absorbing more critical EPA and DHA per dose and therefore delivering a more effective fish oil to your body.


In addition to our commitment to quality backed by our TripleCor Advantage we have produced a delightful and smooth omega-3 fish oil. We've taken the fish out of fish oil. Our emulsified formulation is blended with natural citrus flavors to produce a taste, smoothness and ease of delivery you will find in no other fish oil. This means for you a pleasant fish oil with no fishy taste or fishy burps that you whole family will love!

J Am Diet Assoc. 2009;109:1076-1081 * Current GOED Voluntary Monograph vs. Coromega fish oil purity testing